Here’s a sample of what Choice Point provides — one of our mini-simulations, suitable for use as one ingredient of a robust corporate ethics and compliance training program.

This scenario is about a junior employee put in an awkward position by a supervisor who encourages them to invent numbers in order to complete a report on time. Regardless of whether the employee agrees to do so, they end up being faced with rationalizations — either the opportunity to engage in rationalization to help themselves feel better, or the opportunity to respond to someone else’s rationalization, in order to defend their own integrity. This scenario is an exploration of a common problem faced in many workplaces. It is also an opportunity to discuss a point drawn from the literature on wrongdoing, which is that very often “good people do bad things” because they are able to make use of rationalizations.

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“Rationalizations” (Please note: access to this demo is subject to Terms.)

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