Below is a series of “interactive scenarios” — mini-simulations for classroom use. They are fictions inspired by real life.

Each scenario puts the student in the middle of a situation that requires them to make choices, and the scenario evolves according to the choices they make. Each will take students approximately 5-10 minutes. They are best used as discussion-starters. Some of these (and ones like them) have already been used in undergraduate and MBA classrooms in Canada and the US.

Feel free to provide students with the link to this page, or with the direct link to specific items below.

Note: These are being provided to members of the Society for Business Ethics and other educators for free use in post-secondary educational institutions only. Commercial use is not permitted. (For enquiries about other uses, contact Chris MacDonald at )

“Rationalizations” — this scenario explores the role of rationalization in everyday, low-level workplace wrongdoing. [Teaching note]

“Overtime” — this scenario is designed to explore workplace pressures, and the unanticipated consequences of seemingly simple decisions. [Teaching note]

“Chaos in Cambodia” — this scenario is about off-shoring, and responsibility for worker safety in an overseas factory. [Teaching note]

“Regulatory Risk” — this scenario is about a decision whether to invest proactively in expensive pollution-abatement equipment.

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