Corporate Training

Did you know that 70% of what is learned in formal training is forgotten within 24 hours? And 90% is forgotten within 30 days. That’s not good enough.

Choice Point’s Mini-Sims provide micro-training — ‘booster’ events that focus on the message and help retrieval & retention. These boosters can be integrated into the flow of work to help overcome the formal/informal learning divide.

Choice Point provides subscription-based access to a training experience consisting of a stream of Mini-Sims. Typically, an initial suite of custom Mini-Sims is developed and then revised based on feedback from you and your employees.

What is a Mini-Sim?

Choice Point’s “Mini-Sims” (mini-simulationsTM) are short, text-based scenarios that put your organization’s employees in challenging situations, and get them to engage in cognitively-realistic decision-making. This allows them to experience consequences in a safe environment, while still coming face-to-face with the risks. The focus is on achieving cognitive realism for better readiness, retention, and retrieval. The entire micro-training experience takes 5-10 minutes and can easily be integrated into your employees’ workday.

What technology is required?

At your end? Nothing! Choice Point’s mini-sims are stored on our own secure server, and accessed by your employees via smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Beyond Sims? Facilitated Workshops

Ideally, our mini-sims form the core of a learning process that is enhanced by having your employees take part in a facilitated, online workshop. Our interactive workshops are designed to go beyond memorizing rules, to help employees see the practical significance of the decisions they make.

Check out a demo!

To see a simple example, check out demo!